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Employee Benefits How Can We Help You

How Can We Help You

We bring unmatched domain expertise along with several decades of experience in the field of employee benefits, with an unrivalled presence across sectors and industries, tailoring schemes to address a wide range of demand in the industry.

Our clients value not only our expertise, but also out commitment in providing solutions that address all their needs.

What are “employee benefits”?

Employee benefits comprises of several additional compensation packages provided to employees, in addition to their standard compensation which is in the form of a fixed monthly fee, often termed as a salary. Some of these benefits often include one or more allowance that form part of the total cost to company. They may comprise of housing allowance, food allowance, travel allowance, income protection, health insurance, group insurance, education, and even at times a share in profits.

These are offered to the employees at an additional cost, and hence has to be budgeted and accounted for, and in many countries have to closely follow statutory requirements laid down by the regulators. In any carefully managed company, these costs are to be valued, and managed in an efficient manner.

What do we do?

The essence of the actuarial services we offer to our patrons helps in designing strategies and valuing benefits in accordance with the regulatory framework in place, while maintaining a close consideration on the needs of the human resources departments as well as the finance departments.

We successfully help employers overcome hurdles posed by the seeming daunting task of accounting for employee benefits.

Our reports and in-depth analysis helps clients to

  Evaluate various benefit plans that fit the scope of the employer’s objectives.

  Predict the plan’s budgetary need, using the latest modelling software.

  Complete financial accounting to cover all aspects of employee benefits.

What makes us different?

At Armstrong International, we believe in employing a holistic approach to benefits consulting. We accommodate contributions and investment strategies along with benefit plan design thus ensuring that the results obtained are in line with the needs of our clients, while being sustainable in the long run. We work in partnership with the key stakeholders, and help them balance their requirements and a tailor a suitable plan for their comprehensive growth.

We take immense pride in our ability to communicate with the key stakeholders, trustees, board of directors, sponsors as well as individual members. We believe that the information presented to our clients should be easy to follow, precise in workings and technically strong.

Our actuaries and consultants seek to understand our clients’ demands, while factoring in market conditions and potential future developments. Being a leader in employment benefits schemes has given us broad insights into the needs of various clients, spread across multiple geographies and industries.

At the end of the day, employment benefits are all about numbers. And we at Armstrong International have broken these numbers down to a science. With our guile and expertise, we craft efficient solutions to even your most complex benefits challenges.

+91 936 320 0885

+91 998 027 7885

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