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Employee Benefits IND AS 19 – IndianAccounting Standard

IND AS 19 – Indian Accounting Standard

    The new accounting standard introduced by Ministry of Corporate affairs notification dated 16th Feb 2015, the Indian Accounting Standard IND AS 19 is devised to replace the existing AS 15 standards, in a devised roll out scheme.

The idea behind the new accounting standard is to bring reporting of Indian companies on par with existing international standards, by enforcing more disclosures and transparency.

IND AS 19 standards has several key differences when compared to the existing AS-15(R) standards, bringing in the new concept of OCI (Other Comprehensive Income) and net interest cost and requirement of additional disclosures such as sentivity analysis requirements.

Read about the differences between IND AS 19 and AS-15(R)

Watch the video below to understand the rollout phasing of IND AS 19

One of the main differences with existing AS-15(R) and IND AS 19 is how short term and long term employee benefits, plan assets and service costs have been defined.

IND AS 19 encourages an operating entity to involve a qualified actuary in the measurement of all material post employment benefit obligations.

One of the primary objectives of IND AS 19 reporting is to bring reporting in standard with other international markets, and in this regard, the new accounting standard clarifies that all financial assumptions are deemed to be based on current market expectations. It also requires immediate recognition of the actuarial gains and losses to be considered for both post employment benefits and other long term benefit plans.

Understanding these changes in a comprehensive manner, will be of utmost importance if an employer wishes to put in place employee centric benefit programs. Contact us to find out how we could help you in implementing the new accounting standards.

View IndAS 19 Model Gratuity Report

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